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The Rabbit Hutch Store

January 05, 2016


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If interested in a READY TO BUY item, leave a comment on the post.

January 04, 2016


E-mail me for information on prices, sizes, custom made items, ready to buy items, mailing prices, payments and anything else you need! If you're interested in a one of a kind, ready to buy item, leave a comment expressing interest, or desire to buy.
Prices vary on each item. I need specific sizes and measurements. Custom made items take longer. Ready to buy items are usually one of a kind and will be mailed right away. I just use the plain old fashion Post Office!  I take PayPal and checks.  I will mail your order, when payment is received.       E-mail & PayPal address

Little Girl Aprons

These aprons were ordered for a little girl birthday party!
Bib aprons, that tie at waist, and the bib can have ties,
or they can be pinned, which is the
old fashion way....

(samples, not for sale)


These are samples, not for sale.
Aprons are priced from $10 to $30


Sample Aprons

simple tie around the waist
little girl to woman sizes

big pocket, pin up bib can be tucked in or used to wipe your hands

little girl apron-bib
can be made for girls up to 3 years old


deep pockets, buttons, special stitches, ric-rac, ruffles, lace, mix-match fabric

tie around the waist
butcher aprons
specialty aprons
bib aprons
plain ones
fancy ones
work aprons
long ones
short ones
big ones
little ones
aprons for mom
aprons for daughters
aprons for gifts

Little Girl Skirts

This is a SAMPLE. Not for sale. Order one like it!  Little girl skirts have elastic waists, I need a few simple measurements and fabric choices.  Skirt prices for little girls are $10-$12.